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Doctor Who Dreamversion

Last night's dream was a Dr Who Episode!

It was a Colin Baker episode.  He has an unspecified female companion.  Running around leads to a supermarket.  The lady ahead of us in line has won something!  She almost forgets a item as she leaves, as the checkout person starts on the next person in line immediately.  Cue following the woman to the parking lot.  Companion follows after lady and is not heard of again.   Enter two more companions, male and female. 

Once just before the supermarket bit and again now, there's is an intermediate cutaway, with the companion at the TARDIS, talking in character with the producer of the show.   The second time includes the older and newer female companions.  The topic is along the lines of 'Well, if you're a 'producer' why can't you make this happen.  The second cutaway ends as the TARDIS lands, exit Doctor, two companions and me.  

It's a futuristic city.  Flying cars!   But seeming very mechanical (think Brazil).   (Cutaway of a trailer, showing everyone moving in programmed precision).   After watching the flying cars, I run to catch up with the Doctor, who is trying to cross the street at an intersection.  There is danger in crossing against the light (beyond the traffic), but I can't tell him.   Fortunately, we all cross with the light.   I see a notice for Lectures on Conjuration, apparently a class/lecture/symposium.  I catch up to the Doctor. We see a poster for it, with costs.   The numbers are futuristicly stylized.   The numbers are hard to read at first, but are just weirdly fomatted prices.   We also find out that we're in Ontario, so probably we're in Toronto.  We discuss how to get money to go.   Then I wake up.

Anyway, today is packing day.   I move either tomorrow or Tuesday and close the day after, thereby more or less giving my condo away.   But the fresh start then begins.
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