Joop (ivpiter) wrote,

Settling in

So, I'm moved.   Pretty much everything has been put to where it will go.  Some stuff will still need to be rearranged, but well, the place is about the cleanest it will be for the next year.    The cats are settling in nicely.   Moving them was a pain, as I ended having to make 3 tries to get them in the crate. They did not like that at all.   But they're here now and realizing that this may be permanent.  They're still scouting for the best sleeping spots.  The shelves have been rearranged, so now the cats can go even higher.

There are a lot of little things that are improvements.  And a few that are worse than before, but on the whole, a definte plus.  The electric bill should be way down.  I have a fireplace for the first time.  The place is clean. :)  Now hopefully I can change what needs to be changed, even if it will take a while.    And so the ride continues.
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