Joop (ivpiter) wrote,

The Planet of the Shy People

More dreams that could be turned into a scifi movie!

So, I'm on this spacecraft.   Not sure about the destination, but well, we don't have spacecraft, so this must be the future, right?   Well, no.  It's realized that I'm being abducted.   There's at least one other person on board who's also being abducted.  There are two pilot types. I'm not sure if they're abductors or abductees.  There are two more outside the ship. I know they're abductors.    Much pondering and discussion with other abductees as to whether the pilots are friend or foe.  It turns out they're foe, but before we can do anything...

We're on the planet.  An office of some sort.  The aliens (never seen, vaguely humanish) just assume we're ready to take the pills.  But I don't want to.  I want to know what's going on.   An alien sigh and they start to talk.   It's a planet for all the shy people and all the introverts of the world.   'Why is it here?'  At the question, the alien tries to dodge the question.  Another alien (humanish, in the room with us) explains that we're not allowed to know.   He knows, but is under very strict blocks to not reveal why.  

The aliens are in a 'Well, surely you're going to take your pill now' mode. There's a vote.  All the other abductees are for taking the pill (they don't say much otherwise). After pondering a life among extroverts, I finally acquiesce.   I ponder the idea of faking the taking of the pill, but suspect the affects would be difficult to fake.   And then...

I wake up.   

I suspect a similar movie has already been made. Or at least a twilight zone episode.
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