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Wherein Our Hero Returns

So, in celebration of it being one year since I last posted, I shall post again!

In the past year:
Despite having lived in Texas for 20 years, I had never been to Mexico.  I've now been there twice.   My (former) company celebrated its 20th anniversary, so the boss took everyone to an really nice all inclusive resort near Cozumel.  I brought Sherry along.   It was a blast!  Mostly just hanging around the beach and sunbathing, with a trip to Chichen Itza (We missed the equinox by one day, darnit)   I should work for more companies about to have their 20 year anniversaries.   The second time was a cruise, my first, to Cozumel, though it never actually got there.   We ended up only getting to Progresso.  It was still fun. I need to do more cruises.

I played my first $500 event in January.   I played very well I thought, but was unlucky at the wrong time, so didn't cash.   Since that point,  I've had 4 really big wins, though, so the poker bankroll is up.

I quit my job about a month ago, as it was not providing any work.  So now I am a bum^H^H^Hpro poker player.  I wish it paid more. 

I will be going back to Vegas in the middle of May for a pair of poker tournaments and hanging out with online poker buddies.

My parents are about to sell their house in Vegas and move to Hot Springs Village in Arkansas.  They'll be closer, but no more free lodgings in Vegas, darnit.

Pyewacket and Frisbee remain horribly spoiled.   Frisbee caught some sort of stomach bug last summer, so I had about 3 weeks of feeding her medicine.  She was less than thrilled, but overcame the bug.

I started a blog about my poker game, along with a friend. It's at the_flop
There's probably other stuff that happened, but my life is pretty boring. :)
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