Joop (ivpiter) wrote,

The geekiest dream ever

So, it's the doctor.  I'm a companion/ observer.  Doctor 11 is sort of a mix between Tom Baker and and David Morrisey.  A very generic doctor (the dream is still early at this point).   There's unspecified running around.  The doctor regenerates in a twentyish year old woman.   She's very perky and much like Jenny .   Basically all she does is run off and very short while later regenerates (the thought in the dream was that she didn't want to be a woman doctor).  Doctor 13 is Doogie Howser (as played by Fred Savage (don't blame me, i never watched the show)). I know this because my dream reaction is 'Really?? Doogie Howser?'   His outfit is some sort of dark red and black plaid thing.  It is implied that he regenerated while captive of the bad guys.  There's escaping, but in order to save the day, he has to jump off a deadly drop.  Me and unspecified companions try to stop him.  He jumps.  Me and companions get to the ledge, but there's no longer a ledge. If only the Doctor had waited! (Though it's unclear if the Doctor jumping had anything to do with the ledge disappearing.) 

Being the geek that I am, I pick up a book to reread the bit about what happened to the doctor.  The bit read (which, this being a dream turns into me watching it on tv) turns out to be about the Sylvester McCoy doctor captured by the Sontarans.  He regenerates into Tom Baker, but there's a problem with the Sontaran machine, as several Tom Bakers show up.  They play tag for a moment before setting things back to normal.  

Having finished reading that, I then decide to look up the Doctor Who entry on Wikipedia so I can see the picture of all 13 doctors together.  But there, we have evidence of a 14th doctor, a dark haired young woman, much more serious.  Only distinguishing feature is that she doesn't like to listen to music while drinking.   The dream also implies that she didn't regenerate from the Doogie Howser doctor, but rather suddenly discovered herself to be the doctor.  

At which point I wake up.  And realize that that was the geekiest dream ever.  Pretty much all that's missing is me dreaming about blogging it. :)

So it's been a while since the last post.  I'm posting this so I don't lose this dream.    Hi all!
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