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ivpiter's Journal

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18 July 1967
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First, the earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, but they got big and fat, then the Arabs bought Mercedes-Benzs.

In the meantime, I'm an Air Force brat, born in Germany, currently in Texas. I am owned by two cats, Pyewacket and Frisbee and have more online friends then offline, though many of my online friends are now offline friends, whether they're online or offline.

Ignore the turtle behind the screen.
a very peculiar practice, air force, amélie, ancient civilizations, angels, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, astrophysics, atheism, austin, baltimore orioles, berlin, bicycling, biking, blackadder, books, british comedy, cal ripken jr, caroline quentin, caroline stevermer, cats, celtic music, chess, chip esten, chocolate, clannad, clerks, clive anderson, cocteau twins, coin collecting, colin mochrie, computers, cookies, cosmology, dan marino, dave barry, doctor who, dogma, doris egan, douglas adams, dr. pepper, dragons, earthsea, enya, erotica, fantasy, fantasy worlds, florida, football, foreign coins, free enterprise, free-thinking, fulltilt, futurama, geeks, germany, greg proops, hans zimmer, hertha berlin, history, howard shore, james blaylock, jane siberry, john williams, jon stewart, josie lawrence, just a minute, kate bush, kevin smith, kirsty maccoll, kliban cats, la story, laurie anderson, lightning seeds, lord of the rings, maire brennan, medieval history, miami dolphins, military, monty python, multimedia, music, mylene farmer, myths, nanotubes, nanowrimo, opera babes, p.g. wodehouse, party quirks, paul merton, paula volsky, penn and teller, peter davison, pippi longstocking, pizza, poker, poker tournaments, puns, questions only, razz, reading, red dwarf, repo man, runes, ryan stiles, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, silmarillion, siouxsie and the banshees, soccer, south park, stardust, stargate sg-1, stars, string theory, suzanne vega, talking heads, tanith lee, tannahill weavers, terry pratchett, texas, texas hold'em, texas holdem, the history channel, the reivers, the simpsons, the sugarcubes, the sundays, the tick, the universe, they might be giants, tony slattery, travel, turtles, uma thurman, ursula k. leguin, very secret diaries, vikings, whose line, wiesbaden, wizards, wordplay, writing, yes minister

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